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Meetro connects you with commuters in your area to share the time spent on public transport.


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Meetro is a travel companion app that connects you with fellow commuters in your area, making your time on public transport more enjoyable and sociable. With Meetro, you can easily make new friends and have engaging conversations while travelling. The app offers a range of features to enhance your commuting experience.

First, you can choose your preferred route, ensuring that you connect with commuters who are heading in the same direction as you. Once you find a commuter, you can chat with them through the app, getting to know them and sharing common interests. Meetro allows you to break the monotony of your usual public transport journeys by sharing the common parts of your trips with someone new.

Whether you're looking for a pleasant conversation, a travel buddy, or even just someone to share a cup of coffee with, Meetro can help you find the perfect companion. So, why not download Meetro and start connecting with like-minded commuters today? The app is available to download soon in London and other cities. Make your daily commute more enjoyable and meet someone new with Meetro!


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