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merkwaardig eigenaardig is het ongewone personal brand traject voor merkwaardig eigenaardige ondernemers die het net even anders willen.


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Merkwaardig Eigenaardig is an extraordinary personal branding program designed for unique and unconventional entrepreneurs who want to stand out from the crowd. Their goal is to help you create a distinctive personal brand that captures your true essence and attracts the most amazing clients. With Merkwaardig Eigenaardig, you can claim your rightful place in the market without compromising your authenticity.

Led by Magda, a visual identity designer with over 20 years of experience, Merkwaardig Eigenaardig combines the power of personal branding with the wisdom of Japanese culture. Magda's fascination with Japan inspired her to develop a simplified approach to branding, drawing from Japanese principles that emphasize simplicity and effectiveness. Through her online group program, Create Your Brand ~ The Japanese Way, and her unique brand design method, High End Branding ~ The Japanese Way, she helps entrepreneurs develop high-quality brands that align with their vision and goals.

Whether you join their group program, opt for their design services, or explore the Nine Star Ki Blueprint, Merkwaardig Eigenaardig offers the tools and expertise to help you create a personal brand that truly reflects your unique identity and attracts your ideal clients


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