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Brazilian startup specialized in electric, connected and disrupted mobility.


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Mobilis Veículos Elétricos is a pioneering brand in the field of electric mobility. With a mission to develop creative electric propulsion products that solve urban mobility challenges, Mobilis aims to improve the lives of people worldwide by bringing efficient mobility solutions. Their vision is to deliver optimized and innovative solutions while actively participating in the sustainable mobility revolution.

As a brand, Mobilis values treating everyone with respect, being collaborative and empathetic, and keeping their doors open and accessible. They believe that there is no one right way to do something wrong and manage others' finances as responsibly as their own. They make the most out of limited resources by leveraging creativity and focusing on problem-solving rather than blaming individuals.

Mobilis thinks like entrepreneurs, always finding good solutions and never giving up. Mobilis offers a range of revolutionary products, including the Li Vehicle, a 100% electric neighborhood vehicle with a remarkable design. It is made in Brazil, has a range of 50km, and can be charged in just 6 hours using any standard power socket.

Another product is the DR Vehicle, designed for open environments, fields, closed circuits, and industries, also with a 50km range and quick charging capabilities. If you have a dream project for electric mobility that needs a boost, Mobilis is here to help. They understand the challenges in the supply chain and can provide expertise in applying the latest technologies.

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