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MOL Group is a leading international, integrated oil and gas company from Hungary, the heart of Europe, with over 75 years of experience and a proven track record.


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MOL Group, also known as Magyar Olaj-és Gázipari Részvénytársaság, is a leading Hungarian multinational oil and gas company. Founded in 1991, MOL Group has a rich history rooted in the Hungarian oil industry. Headquartered in Budapest, Hungary, the company's central administration oversees its global operations.

The headquarters building is an iconic landmark in Budapest, with its striking architecture symbolizing the company's commitment to innovation and sustainable growth. MOL Group offers a wide range of products and services, including exploration and production of oil and gas, refining and distribution of petroleum products, as well as petrochemical production. The company operates across the entire value chain, ensuring a seamless supply of energy products and services to its customers.

Operating on a global scale, MOL Group has established several subsidiaries, joint ventures, and partnerships to expand its reach and tap into new markets. Noteworthy subsidiaries include Slovnaft in Slovakia, INA in Croatia, and MolGreen, which focuses on renewable energy. The company also collaborates with major industry players through strategic partnerships, such as its joint venture with Gazprom Neft to develop the Russian Urmud Oil Field.

In terms of market position, MOL Group is one of the largest Central and Eastern European integrated oil and gas companies. It has a strong presence in the downstream sector, with a network of over 1,800 service stations and a significant market share in several countries. The company consistently ranks among the top players in the industry and maintains a competitive position in global sales.

MOL Group has achieved numerous milestones and developments. Notably, the company has invested in renewable energy sources, aiming to become a leader in sustainable and low-carbon solutions. It has also focused on digitalization and innovation to enhance operational efficiency and deliver value to its customers.

Currently, MOL Group continues to expand its operations and invest in key growth areas, such as petrochemicals, renewable energy, and mobility solutions. The company remains committed to its long-term strategic objectives, focusing on sustainable growth, operational excellence, and meeting the evolving energy needs of its customers. With its strong market position and diverse portfolio, MOL Group is poised for continued success and innovation in the global energy industry


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