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AMS Grants and Bursaries The AMS is committed to improving financial accessibility for all Queen’s students.


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The Alma Mater Society (AMS) of Queen's University is a student-led organization located in Canada. Established in 1858, it is one of the oldest student governments in North America. The AMS acts as the official undergraduate student union and represents students' interests to the university administration and other external entities.

Headquartered in Kingston, Ontario, the AMS operates from John Deutsch University Centre, which serves as its primary location for meetings, events, and student services. It houses a variety of services, including a student-run pub, a full-service grocery store, a printing service, and various offices for student-run clubs and societies. The AMS offers numerous products and services to enhance the student experience.

These include mental health resources, legal services, financial assistance, and employment opportunities. It also operates retail outlets for textbooks, merchandise, and branded apparel. The organization hosts events, such as concerts, speaker series, and conferences, which contribute to a vibrant student community.

While the AMS primarily focuses on serving the Queen's University community, it does not have a significant global presence. It operates independently of any notable subsidiaries, joint ventures, or partnerships on an international scale. In terms of market position, the AMS's main competitors are other student unions and organizations of Canadian universities.

It holds a prominent position within this market, serving as a model for student governance and advocacy. However, its market position is not directly related to global sales, as its revenue primarily comes from student fees and university funding. Although there are no major events or changes in the AMS's brand strategy or product lineup to highlight, it consistently adapts its services to meet the evolving needs of Queen's University students.

As of the latest updates, the AMS continues to serve as the voice of the undergraduate student body at Queen's University. It strives to advocate for student rights, foster a sense of community, and provide essential services to enhance the student experience


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