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Open your smart door with your smartphone, smartwatch or automatically with Auto Unlock.


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Nuki Smart Lock is a brand that offers smart access solutions for homes, apartments, and rental properties. With Nuki Smart Hosting, they provide digital keys for short-term rentals, allowing hosts to automate the handover of keys, saving both time and money. By eliminating the need for face-to-face key handovers or the use of key safes, Nuki Smart Hosting makes the check-in process seamless and convenient for both hosts and guests.

Nuki Smart Lock offers a range of products, including the Smart Lock 3. 0, which acts as the gateway to the world of smart homes. They also have the Smart Lock 3.

0 Pro, an electronic door lock with Wi-Fi, and the Opener, which allows for digital control of intercom systems. In addition, they offer the Smart Door, a door with Nuki built-in, and accessories like the Keypad 2. 0 and Fob for alternative entry methods.

Nuki Smart Lock integrates smoothly with various smart home systems and platforms, making it easy to incorporate into your existing setup. They also provide services like Smart Hosting, which offers automated access management for landlords, and Care & Protect, a care-free package for your Smart Lock. With Nuki Smart Hosting, hosts can enjoy the benefits of self-check-in, improved guest experience, and positive reviews.

They also have partner integrations and an open API for seamless integration with popular platforms like Airbnb and Smoobu. Nuki Smart Lock also offers premium support, an extended warranty, and immediate product replacement for added peace of mind. To get started with Nuki, hosts can install the Nuki App, set up the Smart Lock and accessories, and create a Nuki Web account for convenient management.

Through the integration with their Property Management System (PMS), hosts can automate the key handover process, allowing guests to receive digital keys directly and check-in on their own. For guests, the process is simple, as they receive an entry code and can check-in and out flexibly, without the need for host presence. The Nuki App provides real-time updates on door status and offers maximum security and control.

Nuki's Smart Hosting solution has received positive feedback from satisfied hosts who appreciate the flexibility, automation, and control it provides. With Nuki Smart Hosting, hosts can save valuable time and manage their properties more efficiently. Discover the world of Nuki Smart Lock and experience the convenience of keyless access and automated key management for your holiday accommodations.

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