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Oberon provides a development and implementation of advanced embedded software.


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Oberon is a virtual company based in Sweden that is revolutionizing the world of embedded software development. Inspired by the moon of Uranus and Shakespeare's king, Oberon evokes a sense of innovation and creativity. They specialize in developing advanced embedded software, including digital filters and real-time kernels, which are used in a wide range of applications such as wireless base stations, mobile phones, measurement systems, and even video games.

One of Oberon's top-notch products is the double complementary Lattice Wave filter implementation. These filters are not only used in their own measurement systems for Road Survey Technology, but they are also available for sale. The zero-phase filtering in these filters efficiently removes low-frequency noise or vibrations, resulting in more precise and reliable measurements.

They are particularly useful in industries like manufacturing, automotive, and aerospace engineering, where surface quality is critical. Oberon also specializes in digital signal processing, particularly with Texas Instruments' DSPs. Their expertise in this area, combined with TI's industry-leading debugging tools (JTAG), ensures that your projects will exceed expectations.

Overall, Oberon is a versatile and innovative brand that combines technical expertise with a passion for creativity and exploration in the world of software development


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