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Want to rank up and win more in Fortnite? The Osirion AI coach automates Fortnite replay review and analysis so you can get key insights in seconds.


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Osirion is a brand dedicated to helping gamers unlock the power of data and AI to achieve greatness in their gaming endeavors. With a team of passionate experts in coaching and data analytics for competitive esports, Osirion aims to bridge the gap between sports analytics and gaming. While sports like soccer and basketball have been utilizing data to improve performance for decades, the world of gaming has yet to fully embrace its potential. Osirion believes that data insights should be accessible to every gamer, which is why they have developed an AI coach, data analytics, and a range of tools to enhance the gaming experience. Led by a talented team of individuals who are dedicated to empowering gamers, Osirion combines their love for gaming with their expertise in software and entrepreneurship. They understand the challenges of extracting value from raw statistics and aim to make it easier for gamers to leverage data to their advantage. If you're a gamer looking to take your skills to the next level, Osirion invites you to join their community and explore the world of AI coaching. Download the Osirion app and elevate your gaming experience today.


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