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The otter is having a tough time surviving in the Dutch landscape.


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Otter Challenge is a brand that celebrates the intelligence and resilience of these remarkable creatures. Native to the coasts of the Northern Pacific Ocean, the ocean otter is the smallest marine mammal and, contrary to popular belief, not related to seals and sea lions. In fact, they are the heaviest members of the weasel family, which includes badgers and minks, as well as all thirteen types of otters.

Despite their substantial weight, otters don't have a thick layer of fat like whales do to keep warm. Instead, they rely on their incredibly dense fur, with about a million hair follicles per square inch, making it the densest coat among all animals. This enables them to thrive in both land and water environments, as they are even capable of giving birth in the water.

At Otter Challenge, we are inspired by the adaptability and ingenuity of these creatures. Join us as we explore their world and learn from their incredible survival skills


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