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new technology and architecture for computer operating systems


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PeerF is revolutionizing software development with their innovative EcoOS architecture. With EcoOS, developers can unbundle software development and either use the EcoOS framework or build their own operating systems, resulting in significant cost savings of over 50% on embedded applications development and maintenance. This disruptive OS architecture is empowering industries such as Robotics, IoT, Smart Mobility & Cities, Telecom, and Electronics with unprecedented features and capabilities.

The technology behind EcoOS is backed by more than 10 patents for core technology and UX, ensuring that your work and specifications remain unchanged. It provides full hardware access, builds specialized OS, and guarantees that applications will work on any OS version, cutting software maintenance costs to zero. Moreover, EcoOS components are isolated and independent from any specific OS, allowing developers to create purpose-built operating systems without the hassle of OS fragmentation and learning time.

In addition to EcoOS, PeerF also offers the RISK-V computing platform for industrial IoT, based on a compact Single Board Computer of pico-ITX form-factor. With dedicated engineering teams ready to assist with solutions design and system software development, PeerF is at the forefront of driving technological innovation


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