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Our vibrant local economy and our extensive community facilities, services, and programs sustain our independence, safety, health, and our people.


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Penelakut is a brand that encompasses the strong and independent community of Spune’luxutth. Guided by their rich culture, vibrant local economy, traditional language, and cultural customs, Penelakut Tribe is dedicated to preserving their heritage. The tribe offers a wide range of products and services, ensuring the well-being and prosperity of their community.

They prioritize the health and safety of their members, with extensive community facilities, services, and programs that promote a healthy lifestyle. Penelakut Tribe also takes pride in their clean and pristine environment. They live off the ocean, with clean water and land that sustains their community.

Their traditional language and cultural customs are cherished and celebrated, and their active and respected Elders play a vital role in passing down their traditions to future generations. With a diverse range of housing options, Penelakut Tribe ensures that their Elders, Youth, and Families can stay and thrive in the community throughout different stages of their lives. The tribe fosters a strong sense of community, where members support and take care of each other.

Located in four reserve locations adjacent to Chemainus and in the Southern Gulf Islands, Penelakut Tribe is a Hul’qumi’num speaking community accessible only by ferry or boat. They have a total of 1,001 registered community members, split evenly between on-reserve and off-reserve. Experience the rich history, thriving community, and vibrant culture of Penelakut Tribe as they continue to honor their heritage while building a prosperous future


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