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Urban ecology It is a complex field of study through which we can influence the quality of life in our city.


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Pivot Works is a brand that focuses on urban ecology, a complex field of study that explores the relationship between plants, animals, and their environment in urban settings. With the increasing growth and sprawl of cities, understanding these relationships has become vital to create more sustainable and livable urban environments. Urban ecology offers valuable insights into the impact of human activities on local ecosystems, such as pollution and the built environment.

By studying urban ecology, we can address environmental challenges like air and water pollution, climate change, and the urban heat island effect. Moreover, it also enhances our health and well-being by reducing stress levels, improving mental health, and promoting physical activity through walkable and bikeable cities. Although urban ecology is a relatively new field, it already plays a significant role in shaping our understanding of cities and finding solutions to environmental problems.

Pivot Works aims to apply its expertise in urban ecology to develop sustainable policies and create a healthier and more sustainable future for cities


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