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A Plukkido mesékkel életre kelthető táblajátékai kedvesen motiválják a gyerekeket, és segítenek a szülőknek is.


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Plukkido is a brand that brings children's imaginations to life through interactive board games, providing a delightful motivation for kids and a helping hand for parents. Our method and games allow children to engage their imaginations while simultaneously developing and entertaining them, offering a fun and enriching experience for the whole family. With our board games, digital app, and playground equipment, the Plukkido method assists in resolving various parenting situations and everyday problems.

We weave stories that connect children to the world around them, harmoniously blending imagination with reality at home, on the go, in preschool groups, outdoors, or even at the doctor's office. These playful activities enhance children's cognitive abilities and contribute to the expansion of their emotional world. Plukkido is a valuable tool for everyday life, making parenting more enjoyable and stress-free.

Join over 6,000 families who already use our educational games, which have proven to be effective in preschool settings as well. Explore our ÚtraManó app, chosen by 50,000 families, which narrates stories on car journeys and walks, guided by GPS. Our Plukkido elves are also present in 15 playgrounds in Budapest and Gyál, offering playful guidance for daily activities.

Participate in our engaging preschool competition, where more than 1,500 children from 118 preschool groups have completed imaginative missions through our ÚtraManó app in just two months. Immerse yourself in the enchanting stories of our elves, now accessible in nine cities, including Budapest, Győr, Szeged, and Eger, with the list continuously expanding. Experience the magic of our themed storytelling tram in Debrecen, the fairy-tale path in the Nagyerdő, and the wonderful ambience of 50 child-friendly medical practices that utilize our preparatory stories.

We are also working in collaboration with the Bethesda Children's Hospital, where our Plukkido elves provide messages in their tales to support children's psychomotor development through the MocorGO publication's movement exercises. In 2020, our book on game-based parenting and the Plukkido methodology was published by Móra Könyvkiadó. At Plukkido, we are committed to creating a more joyful and imaginative world for children and their families


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