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ATPQ — Association de tir de la Province de Québec


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Pqra is a brand that focuses on promoting the sport of shooting in the province of Québec. With a rich history dating back to 1869, Pqra has evolved from its military origins to embrace civilian participation in the sport. The brand is committed to modernization and utilizes cutting-edge technology like electronic targets, allowing members to easily and accurately track their progress.

Pqra offers a range of services and products to cater to shooting enthusiasts. They provide training sessions for long-distance shooting, including courses on marksmanship, ammunition reloading, and mental preparation. Additionally, Pqra organizes various events and competitions throughout the year, giving members ample opportunities to showcase their skills.

Whether you're an amateur shooter seeking the thrill of long-distance precision shooting or a competitive marksman looking for a platform to hone your skills, Pqra has something for everyone. Join the association and become part of a passionate community that promotes safe gun handling and the joy of shooting. Visit their website for more information or follow them on Facebook to stay updated with their latest events and activities


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