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Qondor est une plateforme technologique présente dans le nautisme et le golf pour optimiser l'exploitation des structures grâce à la data de géolocalisation GPS


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Qondor is a technologically advanced platform that operates in the field of yachting and golf to enhance the efficiency of these industries through GPS geolocation data. Their primary focus is on optimizing the operations of outdoor activities by leveraging data-driven insights. Qondor offers a range of solutions designed for the nautical and golf sectors.

Whether you work in yachting or golf, Qondor provides tools and services to help streamline and improve your business operations. By utilizing the power of GPS geolocation data, Qondor empowers businesses in these industries to make data-driven decisions and increase their operational efficiency. Their innovative platform enables users to leverage real-time data for improved resource management, enhanced customer experiences, and overall business growth.

With a strong commitment to privacy and data security, Qondor ensures that all personal data is handled in accordance with legal regulations and their privacy policy. If you're looking to optimize the operations of your nautical or golf business, Qondor is the ideal partner for you


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