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The Quantum Science Center is ensuring American technological leadership via the development of quantum technologies.


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The Quantum Science Center (QSC) is a pioneering brand that combines the unique capabilities of national labs and leading university investigators to advance the science of quantum materials, sensors, and algorithms. Unlike any other means, the QSC links research and technology to bring about innovation in fields such as energy generation, national security, new materials discovery, and fundamental physics. Located at ORNL, the QSC focuses on overcoming key challenges in quantum state resilience, controllability, and scalability to realize a quantum future.

Moreover, the brand is committed to nurturing the next generation of scientists and engineers through student engagement and postdoctoral research opportunities. The QSC is organized into three scientific thrusts. Thrust 1 focuses on understanding and developing topological electronic materials, quantum spin systems, and quantum probes.

Thrust 2 aims to achieve predictive capabilities for studying quantum systems and developing quantum algorithms. Thrust 3 focuses on developing high-performance quantum devices and sensors for real-world applications. By actively collaborating with industry and transitioning applications to the private sector, the QSC ensures that its scientific foundations are paired with practical technology advancements.

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