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Parking management systems, parking guidance, vehicle search, boom barrier access control, parking reservation, smart parking, sustainable parking, artificial inelegance based parking, sensor based parking pioneer, now in India known for the quality of its products and related services


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Qspec is a leading brand that specializes in providing innovative parking systems and solutions. With a strong focus on convenience and efficiency, Qspec offers a range of products and services to enhance parking operations. One of their standout offerings is the Hand-free Parking Solution, which utilizes advanced technology such as barcode or QR code off-street/MLCP and CV based on-street/off-street systems.

These systems enable seamless and hassle-free parking experiences for both drivers and parking operators. Qspec also offers cutting-edge parking management solutions, including web-based parking systems and ticketless parking systems. Their RFID integrated solution provides secure and efficient vehicle identification.

In addition to parking systems, Qspec provides Parking Guidance Systems (PGS) equipped with wired and wireless ultrasonic sensors. These systems help drivers navigate and find available parking spots easily. Furthermore, Qspec offers Parking Information Systems (PIS) to provide real-time parking information and Integrated Communication solutions for smarter and more efficient parking operations.

Their expertise also extends to Smart City Communication and Tactical Communication. Qspec's commitment to excellence extends beyond parking systems to include Hotel Room Management solutions. They offer integrated technologies to streamline hotel operations and enhance the overall guest experience.

With a strong presence in New Delhi and Mumbai, Qspec is dedicated to delivering top-notch products and services to meet the evolving needs of the parking industry. Contact them today to optimize your parking operations


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