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QueXopa® is a consumer pricing alternative data service provider that provides reliable, high-quality, and precise data on demand for 18 countries in Latin America.


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QueXopa® is a leading consumer pricing alternative data service provider, offering reliable, high-quality, and precise data on demand for 18 countries in Latin America. As an Alternative Data provider, QueXopa® specializes in finding, sourcing, and aggregating data that fuels decision-making in various sectors, including government, finance, and industry. They enable decision-makers to gain accurate insights into the Latin American market.

QueXopa® offers a range of services to accelerate business intelligence. Their clients rely on their legitimate, high-quality, and transparent Latin American data to gain accurate perspective and make impactful decisions. QueXopa® provides access to new markets through actionable data, eliminating barriers to entry by providing accurately refined data that accounts for language, culture, standards, and currency differences.

They also specialize in measuring macroeconomic activity and offer unique data sets for emerging markets in Latin America. Additionally, QueXopa® works with institutional investors, Fortune 500 corporations, venture capital/private equity firms, and global brands, helping them find undiscovered data from non-traditional publishers. They have developed a data monetization strategy, turning operational data into new competitive advantages for businesses across multiple industries.

By partnering with QueXopa®, businesses can maximize their time and resources by outsourcing their data collections. This approach reduces the time spent on sourcing data by 91% compared to in-house staffing and resources. QueXopa® offers cost-effective solutions, eliminating the need for costly data analysts, scientists, and researchers.

In summary, QueXopa® is the go-to provider for reliable, high-quality, and precise data on Latin America. Their comprehensive services and unique data sets can help businesses gain a competitive edge and make informed decisions in the dynamic market of Latin America


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