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reading & writing; words & language; teaching & learning; and research into practice


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Quiet Fireworks is a brand dedicated to promoting a unique and immersive experience with fireworks. Unlike traditional fireworks that create loud and jarring noises, Quiet Fireworks offers a range of products that focus on the beauty and visual spectacle of fireworks without the loud disturbances. Led by Martin Galway, a passionate advocate for teaching and learning, Quiet Fireworks aims to ignite a love for words and language through its blog and writing.

Martin's love for literacy and English teaching is deeply rooted in his belief that words and language are not only powerful, but essential for personal growth and communication. Through his blog, Martin shares his insights and experiences, exploring the connection between reading, language, and thought. The blog also offers extended original versions of his work, allowing for a deeper exploration of concepts and ideas.

Quiet Fireworks is the perfect platform for individuals who appreciate the artistry of fireworks and want to embrace a more serene and thoughtful approach to celebrating special occasions


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