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RefractiveIndex. INFO is a brand that provides a comprehensive refractive index database containing optical constants. This database, initiated and maintained by Mikhail Polyanskiy since 2008, compiles data from various publicly available sources such as scientific journal articles and manufacturer datasheets.

It is a valuable resource for researchers, as numerous experts have contributed numerical data, reported bugs, and suggested improvements over the years. The refractiveindex. info database is freely accessible under the CC0 1.

0 Universal Public Domain Dedication, meaning users can utilize, modify, and distribute its content without restrictions, even for commercial purposes. In addition to the database, RefractiveIndex. INFO offers a user-friendly website that serves as an interface to access the data.

This website, managed by Mikhail Polyanskiy, allows users to perform basic calculations such as absorption, Fresnel reflection, and Brewster angle. However, alternative methods, including Python scripts and direct reading of the YAML files, can also be used to access the refractiveindex. info database.

For those interested in contributing or accessing the latest version, RefractiveIndex. INFO provides options to download the database and join their GitHub project. With its commitment to accuracy and accessibility, RefractiveIndex.

INFO is a valuable resource for anyone in need of refractive index information


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