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Stichting SchOOL - De Regenboog


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Stichting SchOOL - De Regenboog is an openbare school located in Voorhof, Lelystad. As an openbare school, we are accessible to all children in the community. Our school is comprised of approximately 180 students across eight groups, with each group consisting of students from the same year.

We prioritize creating a warm and safe environment for our students, where their happiness and development take center stage. Our goal is for every child to enter our school with a skip in their step and leave with a wealth of knowledge and wisdom. At De Regenboog, our students attend school from 8:30 am to 2:00 pm every day.

Starting from May 26, 2023, we will only be accepting enrollments for children entering groups 1-2. This means that children who turn four between May 26 and July 22 will be placed in group 1-2 after the summer vacation. Please note that this temporary measure applies only to group 1-2 enrollments.

We value the importance of staying up to date with the latest developments while at the same time focusing on what works best for our children. We believe that discovering and pursuing one's talents positively impacts overall performance and self-confidence. With our International Primary Curriculum (IPC), we explore the world together in the afternoons and bring it into our classrooms.

Through exciting and captivating activities, we ignite a curiosity that drives students to embark on research, acquire knowledge, and ultimately present their findings in their own unique way. At De Regenboog, we celebrate individuality and encourage students to be themselves. Visit us at Voorhof 4, 8212 CA Lelystad, or reach us at 0320-226181 or directie.

regenboog@stichtingschool. nl to learn more about our school and the opportunities we offer


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