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Vi ansvarar för hälso- och sjukvård, regional utveckling och kollektivtrafik, med uppdrag att skapa goda livsvillkor för regionens invånare.


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Region Östergötland is a regional healthcare authority located in the county of Östergötland, Sweden. Its headquarters are situated in Linköping, the largest city in the county. The history of Region Östergötland can be traced back to 2004 when it was established as one of the 21 regions in Sweden responsible for healthcare and medical services. The region has evolved over the years to become a prominent healthcare provider, aiming to provide high-quality care to its residents.

Region Östergötland offers a wide range of products and services in the healthcare sector. These include hospital care, specialized care, primary care, and dental care. The region operates several hospitals and healthcare centers, providing comprehensive medical services to the population of Östergötland. It also focuses on research and education, collaborating with universities and other academic institutions to enhance healthcare practices.

While Region Östergötland primarily operates within Östergötland County, it also participates in global collaborations and partnerships. It has established partnerships with international organizations and universities, fostering knowledge exchange and innovation in healthcare. These collaborations provide opportunities for healthcare professionals to broaden their expertise and contribute to advancements in the field. In terms of its market position, Region Östergötland holds a strong position in the regional healthcare landscape.

It is known for its high-quality care and patient-focused approach. While specific global sales figures are not available, the region's healthcare services and expertise are well-regarded within the industry. Major events or changes in the brand's strategy are not readily available, suggesting a focus on consistent delivery of healthcare services rather than significant shifts in approach or product lineup. As of the latest information available, Region Östergötland continues to be a leading healthcare authority in Östergötland County.

It strives to provide accessible and patient-centered care while actively engaging in research and education to improve healthcare outcomes.


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