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Respiri is a leading brand that offers innovative solutions for detecting and monitoring wheeze, a common symptom in patients with respiratory conditions. Their flagship product, wheezo®, is an FDA-cleared medical device that works in conjunction with the respiri™ app, providing patients with a user-friendly interface to record and track their wheeze. By integrating wheeze detection into Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) programs, Respiri empowers healthcare providers to deliver personalized, high-quality care to patients outside the clinic setting.

With the ability to continuously detect wheeze and provide a WheezeRate for each breath recording, wheezo® offers physicians ongoing visibility and valuable insights into patients' respiratory health. The recorded wheeze data can be accessed via the Respiri health portal for clinician review and immediate playback. This seamless integration with established RPM platforms empowers healthcare organizations, including ACOs, HMOs, hospitals, and private practices, to tailor programs and personalize care based on individual patient needs.

Respiri's solution not only transforms the way physicians interact with patients but also supports patients in the community by providing instant playback of high-quality wheeze recordings. The respiri™ app allows patients to log symptoms and triggers, providing physicians with a comprehensive view of their symptoms over time. Additionally, the app offers real-time environmental data, such as pollen counts and air irritants, to help identify potential triggers affecting wheeze rates.

With Respiri's Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) solution, both patients and providers benefit greatly. Patients gain a better understanding of their wheeze and can receive medication reminders for better compliance. Moreover, physicians have access to more data than ever before, enabling them to assess and review patients' wheeze outside of clinic visits.

This includes longitudinal data on self-reported symptoms, triggers, and medication use, allowing for a detailed picture of symptomology. Respiri is dedicated to revolutionizing respiratory care and collaborating with distribution and marketing partners in the US to offer the wheezo® breath sensor. Their solution is designed to simplify the detection and monitoring of wheeze, making it easier for patients to proactively manage their respiratory health.

With Respiri, patients and providers can have more informed discussions and work together to improve health outcomes. Learn more about Respiri's innovative solutions by visiting their website and requesting a demo


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