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РГО - Русское географическое общество.


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The Russian Geographical Society (Русское географическое общество) is an esteemed brand that has been at the forefront of promoting the study and exploration of Russia's diverse landscapes and its people. Founded in 1845 by the highest order of Tsar Nicholas I, the society has been led by representatives of the Russian imperial family, scientists, and state figures throughout its history. The Society is dedicated to the preservation and understanding of Russia's natural riches and has made significant contributions in researching European Russia, the Urals, Siberia, the Far East, Central Asia, the Caucasus, Iran, India, polar regions, and other territories.

Furthermore, it has played a crucial role in establishing Russia's nature reserves. With over 27,800 members in Russia and abroad, the Society brings together specialists in geography, related sciences, as well as enthusiastic travelers, ecologists, and public figures who are passionate about discovering new aspects of Russia's cultural and natural heritage. The society organizes various projects including the Most Beautiful Country photo contest, the International Geographical Dictation, and expeditions that focus on the exploration and preservation of rare animals and birds such as Amur tigers, beluga whales, and polar bears.

To foster knowledge and engagement, the society publishes over 200 scientific publications each year, supports the production of films on Russia's cultural and natural heritage, and offers grants and information to aid in the study of geography. Volunteers are actively involved in almost all of the society's projects. The Society also has a Youth Club that organizes annual summer schools and geographical camps in renowned youth centers.

The Russian Geographical Society also maintains an extensive geographical library in its headquarters in St. Petersburg, which houses the largest geographic collection in Europe. Its collection includes publications in Russian and foreign languages, covering various fields of geographical science from the 16th century onwards.

Digitizing the library's resources and creating a comprehensive electronic library are among the society's priorities. In addition to its educational and research activities, the society has its own Cinema Portal that showcases films created in collaboration with notable Russian geographers, biologists, ethnographers, ecologists, paleontologists, and explorers. Its Phenology Portal caters to researchers


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