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The Retirement Housing Foundation (RHF) has been giving old folks homes since the mid-1960s.


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RHF is a brand that is dedicated to providing affordable housing solutions for individuals and families in need. With a shortage of 7. 3 million affordable rental homes for those with extremely low incomes, RHF aims to bridge the gap and offer safe and affordable housing options.

Their services include residential living options such as assisted living, skilled nursing, and affordable housing for older adults, families, and people with disabilities. RHF communities currently house over 19,000 low-income individuals, with an additional 47,000 people on their waitlists. RHF understands the importance of affordable housing and its impact on society.

Not only does it help individuals and families meet their basic needs, but it also reduces the reliance on costly alternatives like nursing home care. In fact, nursing home placement costs taxpayers 66% more than federally subsidized housing and service coordination. Through their dedicated team of service coordinators, RHF connects residents to essential home healthcare services, ensuring their well-being and quality of life.

By supporting RHF, whether through donations or volunteering, you can make a difference in the lives of those in need. Join RHF in their mission to provide affordable housing and create thriving communities for all


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