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La plataforma RPA Suite es un enjambre de robots dotados de Inteligencia Artificial, una única entidad que puede ejecutar sin límite y simultáneamente


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About Rigel Technologies


Rigel Technologies is a leading brand that offers innovative solutions in the field of Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Their flagship product, RPA Suite, is a powerful platform that consists of a swarm of AI-powered robots. These robots can execute processes in the back office and act as assistants in the front office simultaneously, enabling companies to streamline their operations quickly, efficiently, reliably, and securely.

RPA Suite provides several advantages for businesses, including a decrease in process response times, enabling staff to focus on more value-added tasks, 0% operational errors, and 100% process automation. With over 10 years of experience, Rigel Technologies has developed an expertise in implementing RPA solutions in various industries. The company prides itself on its robustness and reliability, offering a panel for distribution configuration, a control panel for managing the swarm of robots, an autonomous or assisted task execution tool, and an integration tool for development environments.

Joining forces with Rigel Technologies allows businesses to optimize and monetize their operations with scalability, improved service quality, reduced costs, and increased efficiency. Their expertise and track record in delivering successful projects make them a trusted and reliable partner for organizations seeking to enhance their productivity through process automation. Experience the ease and power of RPA Suite with their free version, and take advantage of their comprehensive licensing options.

Enhance your knowledge and skills through their academy and forum, and become part of their vibrant partner ecosystem. Choose Rigel Technologies for transformative RPA solutions that drive your business forward


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