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We build powerful CRM technology for nonprofits, educational institutions, and philanthropic organizations to amplify your social impact.


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Salesforce is a cloud computing company based in San Francisco, California, United States. It was founded in 1999 by Marc Benioff, Parker Harris, Dave Moellenhoff, and Frank Dominguez. The company's headquarters are located at Salesforce Tower, a 1,070 feet skyscraper in San Francisco.

Salesforce provides a range of cloud-based products and services to help businesses manage their customer relationships and improve overall productivity. Its main products include Salesforce Customer 360, a platform that centralizes customer data and provides analytics and insights; Sales Cloud, which helps companies monitor and manage sales activities; Service Cloud, used for customer service and support; Marketing Cloud, a digital marketing platform; and Commerce Cloud, which allows companies to create personalized customer experiences. With a global presence, Salesforce operates in various countries around the world.

The company has several noteworthy subsidiaries, including MuleSoft, a software integration platform, and Tableau Software, a data visualization and analytics company. It has also formed partnerships with other major tech companies such as Google, Amazon Web Services, and IBM. Salesforce is a market leader in customer relationship management (CRM) software and has a strong market position globally.

It competes with companies like Oracle, SAP, and Microsoft in the CRM market. In terms of global sales, Salesforce has consistently shown impressive growth. In its fiscal year 2021, the company reported revenue of $21.

25 billion, a 24% increase from the previous year. Over the years, Salesforce has achieved several milestones and made significant changes in its product lineup. In 2019, the company acquired Tableau Software, expanding its offerings in data analytics.

In 2020, Salesforce announced the acquisition of Slack, a popular workplace collaboration platform. As of the latest update, Salesforce continues to innovate and expand its product portfolio. The company recently launched Hyperforce, a scalable infrastructure that allows customers to access Salesforce services from anywhere.

Salesforce also introduced Work. com, a suite of tools to help businesses navigate the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. In conclusion, Salesforce is a leading cloud computing company that provides a wide range of CRM products and services.

With its strong market position, global presence, and continuous innovation, Salesforce remains a major player in the technology industry


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