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Looking for a top software development company in Canada? We provide custom software development services to startup and enterprise-level businesses.


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SpaceO is a leading software development company based in Canada. With a focus on custom software development, they offer services to startup and enterprise-level businesses. Their team of industry experts provides end-to-end IT software services using flexible and reliable frameworks that are customized to meet the unique needs and requirements of each customer.

From building brands to automating business processes with advanced technologies, SpaceO is dedicated to transforming concepts into genuine products. Their range of services includes custom software application development, Android app development, mobile app development for iOS and Android, web development, software development consulting, website development consulting, ERP software development, and enterprise software development. Whether you need a reliable solution for Android smartphones, wearable devices, or TV, their team of Android developers can help.

They also specialize in designing fully-equipped smartphone apps, developing custom iOS apps for Apple devices, and creating creative web platforms that represent your brand effectively. If you're facing challenges in your business or want to leverage technology for optimization, SpaceO offers consulting services to help from roadmap to end-to-end development. They have experienced tech consultants who have created solutions for various industry issues and can assist with website development consulting, ERP software development, and enterprise software development.

Additionally, they provide the option to hire local in-house developers with expertise in CRM, ERP, CMS, front-end, and back-end solutions. SpaceO follows different software development methodologies based on the specific needs of each project. They are skilled in agile development, which emphasizes flexibility and close collaboration with clients.

They also utilize the scrum method, breaking projects into manageable parts through sprints and ensuring high-quality software delivery through transparency and adaptation. For projects with clear requirements and fixed goals, SpaceO adopts the traditional waterfall method. As a trusted software development company in Canada, SpaceO has served multiple Fortune 500 companies globally and has a track record of transforming concepts into successful products.

They prioritize customer satisfaction and aim to provide innovative, user-centric software solutions that optimize organizational functioning and drive business success. If you're looking to create custom software or need software development services, connect with SpaceO for a free consultation. Their dedicated team of software consultants and developers will guide you from the roadmap to project development, ensuring a seamless and successful experience


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