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Welcome to my website ♥ OUT NOW HARDBACK VERSIONS of CARNIVOROUS CUPID, POISONOUS PSYCHE, RAVENOUS RHEA, and GLORIOUS GAIA Cool color art & Greek mythology headers ♥ Grab them here LOOKING FOR STEAMY ROMANCE? Just a reminder, Stephanie Rose writes FREE steamy romances on Wattpad! See the "Steamy Books" section for more details FALLING FOR…


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Stephanie Rose is an award-winning indie/self-published author known for her captivating and diverse range of literary works. With a preference for paranormal horror, mythology mystery, dramatic historical fiction, spicy/steamy romance, and colorful LGBTQ+ fantasy, Stephanie is a multi-genre writer who never fails to deliver engaging stories. Her books are filled with romantic tension, explicit language, and strong female characters, as well as elements of the supernatural and the afterlife.

In addition to her self-published books, Stephanie is an esteemed writer and Creator for Wattpad, where she has been active since 2014. Her historical fiction series, The Golden Universe, has garnered constant praise and accolades from readers worldwide. Stephanie's creativity knows no bounds, drawing inspiration from a wide range of sources including words, song lyrics, colors, current events, and even street names.

When she's not immersed in writing, Stephanie can be found traveling the world or indulging in her love for reading, music, video games, and TV shows. She is deeply passionate about the LGBTQ+ community and strives to create diverse and relatable characters in her works. Connect with Stephanie through her various social media platforms or email and join her on the exciting journey through her imaginative storytelling.

Whether you're a fellow author or an avid reader, Stephanie is always open to discussions about writing, reading, and everything in between. Get ready to embark on an enchanting literary adventure with Stephanie Rose


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