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Teach For America finds, develops and supports equity-oriented leaders to transform education and expand opportunity for all children.


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Teach For America (TFA) is a nonprofit organization based in the United States, dedicated to addressing educational inequity. Founded in 1989 by Wendy Kopp, TFA aims to eliminate educational disparities by recruiting and placing talented college graduates from a variety of academic disciplines as teachers in low-income communities. TFA's headquarters is located in New York City, New York.

It serves as the central hub for the organization's operations across the United States. The headquarters houses various departments such as recruitment, training, curriculum development, and program management. The primary product and service offered by Teach For America is its two-year teaching program.

Upon joining, participants undergo an intensive summer training program to equip them with essential teaching skills and knowledge. After training, they are placed in under-resourced schools in urban and rural areas across the United States. TFA teachers commit to teaching for a minimum of two years with the goal of making a long-term impact on educational outcomes and promoting educational equity.

Although Teach For America primarily operates within the United States, it has formed partnerships and collaborations with organizations globally. These partnerships include working with Teach For All, a global network of independent organizations with a similar mission, and collaborating with governments and organizations in countries such as Mexico, India, and the United Kingdom. In terms of market position and competition, Teach For America is considered a leading organization in the education sector, known for its commitment to recruiting top talent and addressing educational inequity.

While there are other teacher recruitment programs and organizations operating in the United States, TFA's comprehensive training program and alumni network distinguish it from competitors. Over the years, Teach For America has achieved significant milestones in its efforts to improve educational equity. It has expanded its reach to more regions, increased its recruitment efforts, and developed partnerships with schools and organizations nationwide.

TFA has also focused on strengthening its alumni network, supporting graduates in their pursuit of leadership roles in education and policy-making. As of the latest available information, Teach For America continues its operations, striving to recruit and develop new generations of educators. While navigating the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, TFA has adapted its training and teaching models to ensure continued support for students, educators, and communities.

The organization remains committed to its mission of providing quality education for all students, irrespective of their backgrounds or zip codes


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