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TENK er et reklame/kommunikasjonsbyrå med kompetanse innen strategi, konsept, kreative løsninger, innhold, sosiale medier, markedsføring og spredning.


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TENK | Oslo is a dynamic advertising/communication agency with expertise in strategy, concept development, creative solutions, content creation, social media management, marketing, and distribution. As a premier advertising agency based in Oslo, TENK offers a comprehensive range of services, including strategy, design, content creation, and distribution. At TENK, we prioritize understanding the communication objectives of our clients, and our strategic groundwork is aimed at achieving these goals effectively.

Our talented designers specialize in creating everything from logos to complete brand programs, web design, and exhibition materials. We believe that engaging and informative content is key, whether it's through written text, animations, or videos. Moreover, we excel in targeting and reaching the right audience with our organic distribution and advertising strategies.

TENK has successfully collaborated with renowned brands like Marco Reklame and played a crucial role in Honda MC's journey to becoming the number one motorcycle brand in Norway. If you're looking to navigate the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing, trust us to provide valuable insights and future-proof strategies. Contact us now to start your next project or schedule a discussion


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