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The Psalms Project Co is a nonprofit initiative that seeks to inspire prayer and creative worship through the beautiful and poetic prayers and songs found in the book of Psalms. Just as Jesus Himself prayed the Psalms, this organization believes that the Psalms are a powerful tool for the Church and individuals to connect with God. In collaboration with artists, The Psalms Project Co highlights songs and celebrates the beauty of scripture for the body of Christ.

In a world filled with turmoil and uncertainty, the Psalms serve as a reminder of our humanity, giving us permission to express ourselves fully to God and anchoring us in His presence. The Psalms invite us to make the prayers our own, offering endless possibilities for connection with God through creativity, storytelling, and song. By supporting The Psalms Project Co, you can help others engage with the beauty of these scriptures and connect with God in fresh ways.

Watch out for upcoming worship experiences and the release of our podcast and eBook featuring Psalms readings and songs. Join us in worshiping with the Psalms and experiencing the power they bring to our faith


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