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Explore streetscapes, historic landmarks, and locally owned businesess while challenging your brain with Traipse's scavenger hunt walking tours.


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Traipse is a brand that aims to connect people with their community in a fun, interactive, and educational way while supporting local economies. They achieve this by promoting locally-owned businesses and highlighting historic and cultural assets. Their vision is to create curated, thematic, gamified experiences for visitors and guests, allowing them to explore their surroundings in an engaging and immersive way. At Traipse, their mission is to provide a platform that empowers agency and organizational clients, both nationally and globally, to co-create these unique experiences.

By leveraging their expertise in urban planning, economic development, and tourism, Traipse ensures that each experience is carefully designed to offer educational and entertainment payoffs. The team behind Traipse is composed of highly skilled professionals. Darren Smith, the founder and CEO, brings over 15 years of experience in urban planning and economic development. Austin Auclair, the Director of Creative Content, has extensive marketing and communications experience.

Dan Wright, the Chief Technology Officer, is an expert in app development and scientific research. Michael G. Jacobides, the Vice President of Strategy, is a renowned strategist and professor. With Traipse, you can expect an exciting and enriching experience that connects you with your community and allows you to rediscover the hidden gems in your surroundings.


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