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Vemac è dal 1989 leader nel settore della movimentazione, automazione e robotica, per l’industria della carne e dei salumi.


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Vemac Srl has been a leader in the field of handling, automation, and robotics for the meat and salami industry since 1989. Located near Modena, in the north of Italy, Vemac is situated in a unique industrial setting for the food industry. This has made them a reference point for designing and implementing plant and automation systems for meat and salami processing.

Vemac's solutions are tailored to achieve maximum efficiency, improve production timing, streamline processes, enhance ergonomic working conditions for operators, and optimize space utilization. Their innovative solutions are customized to meet the specific requirements of each meat processing application. With a proactive and detail-oriented approach, Vemac excels in providing personalized solutions based on decades of experience and expertise.

All their designs undergo rigorous testing and validation before reaching the customer. Vemac also collaborates with reliable and experienced external suppliers for more complex projects, ensuring a turnkey solution. Additionally, Vemac provides original spare parts, teleassistance, and comprehensive consulting and assistance services, from project design to post-sales support.

Their commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond being a mere supplier, as they strive to establish a 360-degree partnership. Stay updated with Vemac's latest news and events by subscribing to their newsletter. Visit their website to explore their wide range of processing lines for salami, cured meats, bacon, pancetta, and more.

Vemac's focus on efficiency, innovation, and sustainability sets them apart in the industry


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