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Village Focus International (VFI) is a brand committed to creating global change by investing in local leaders. They offer a range of programs and services aimed at addressing pressing issues in Laos, such as human trafficking, land rights, and food security. In the fight against human trafficking, VFI provides shelter and support to trafficking survivors and at-risk women and children.

They also run prevention and capacity-building programs to combat this issue across the country. VFI also focuses on strengthening land rights by educating and empowering communities about their rights and teaching sustainable land management practices. By doing so, they help protect village land from misuse or misappropriation by external entities.

Additionally, VFI works with farmers to enhance agricultural productivity and sustainability. By collaborating with local farmers, they contribute to healthier food systems and communities, ultimately ensuring food security for the Lao population. VFI's approach is rooted in the belief that change begins at the local level.

By focusing on rural villages, where a significant portion of the population resides, VFI aims to strengthen these communities by eradicating human trafficking, securing land rights, and enhancing food security. Laos is the target location for VFI's efforts due to its high rural population and its position as one of the poorest countries in Asia. VFI takes a grassroots approach, working closely with local leaders to advocate for policies and address the challenges faced by villages.

The purple lotus serves as VFI's symbol of hope in the fight against human trafficking. Just as lotus seeds grow into beautiful flowers from the mud, VFI empowers women and girls to overcome adversity and thrive. If you're interested in joining VFI's mission, you can volunteer or intern with them.

They offer various opportunities in fields like legal research, grant-writing, website design, communication, and fundraising. Volunteers and interns play a crucial role in supporting VFI's work and making a meaningful impact. To stay updated on VFI's news and activities, you can subscribe to their newsletter.

By subscribing, you'll receive regular updates on their initiatives and how you can get involved. Village Focus International is dedicated to driving positive change on a global scale by investing in local leaders. Through their programs and services, they are actively working to combat human trafficking, secure land rights, and ensure food security in Laos


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