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Les résidences du Groupe Horizon sont d’abord et avant tout des milieux de vie pour les personnes semi-retraitées et retraitées, autonomes, semi-autonomes et non autonomes.


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About Horizon Gestion de résidences | Montreal QC


Horizon Gestion de résidences is a renowned brand that specializes in providing exceptional living environments for semi-retired and retired individuals in Montreal, QC. They cater to a wide range of needs, including independent, semi-independent, and non-independent living. At Horizon, their client-centric approach drives them to create and develop physical, psychological, and community environments that perfectly meet the needs of their residents.

With a portfolio of seven residences, five in the greater Montreal area and two in Ottawa, Horizon Gestion de résidences manages over 1500 units. Their vision is to be the pillar of support for seniors in evaluating their unique needs, while their mission is to offer an evolving living environment, coupled with quality care and services, within a framework of responsible management. Horizon Gestion de résidences values integrity, customer orientation, professionalism, and kindness.

They offer residences that cater to various requirements, including autonomous living, semi-autonomous living, units with care services, and support for cognitive impairments. Their residences promote well-being, independence, and access to competent and dedicated care. With a wide range of products available across different budgets and territories, Horizon Gestion de résidences is committed to providing personalized support throughout your journey.

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