Virtask provides innovative technology for helpen the elderly


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Virtask is a leading technology provider that specializes in assisting the elderly and people with dementia. With a decade of experience, Virtask has developed innovative software systems to simplify and improve the lives of its users. Their flagship product, Anne, is an advanced Avatar that not only speaks and listens but also takes care of the end-user.

Virtask believes in making technology accessible and user-friendly, focusing on simple and intuitive interactions. The core technologies behind Virtask's products are a combination of speech recognition, touch events, and a lifelike Avatar. This enables direct and straightforward communication between the users and the software, making it especially effective for the elderly.

Additionally, Virtask's speech recognizer can detect low-level speech changes, allowing for early detection of various pathologies and moods. Virtask's client software offers a range of modules, including news, medication reminders, calendar, games, and more. These modules can be easily accessed through speech or touch interaction.

The backend services provide a dashboard for caregivers to input specific information and monitor the well-being of the end-users. Virtask is fully GDPR compliant, ensuring privacy and security for its users. The company's deep learning framework gathers data from speech and user interactions to detect trends and provide valuable insights to caregivers.

By analyzing markers such as gameplay patterns, speech patterns, and voice usage, Virtask's technology can identify changes in well-being, cognitive decline, anxiety, or stress levels. Currently compatible with Android, Linux, and Windows devices, Virtask is on its way to becoming fully portable. Clients are provided with a touch-based tablet to run the Avatar software.

Virtask collaborates with reputable partners and constantly seeks to improve its technology through research and development. With Virtask, technology becomes a caring and supportive companion for the elderly and those in need


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