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Vor is a 100% Icelandic Premium Pot Distilled gin distilled from native barley, herbs and botanicals.


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Vorgin is a premium Icelandic gin brand that prides itself on crafting exceptional spirits using the finest native ingredients. Their flagship product, VOR Premium Gin, is distilled from 100% Icelandic barley, resulting in a robust and flavorful base. The brand draws inspiration from the Arctic spring, infusing their gin with the essence of an Icelandic summer.

Vorgin meticulously handpicks a selection of wild Icelandic juniper berries, rhubarb, and other native herbs to create a distinctive flavor profile that captures the essence of Icelandic nature. The botanicals used in VOR are either wild-picked from the highlands of Iceland or organically grown locally, ensuring the highest quality and purity. Vorgin's gin is pot distilled using a custom-made small batch distilling unit, preserving all the essential oils of the botanicals and creating a truly unique spirit.

The master distiller carefully monitors each batch, selecting only the best part of each distillation cycle to guarantee exceptional quality and taste. With its slightly hazy appearance reminiscent of a glacial spring, VOR is a gin that perfectly encapsulates the beauty and purity of Iceland's landscape. Experience the magic of Vorgin and indulge in the flavors of Icelandic nature


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