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Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist is a nationally recognized, fully integrated academic medical center and health system located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.


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Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist, based in the United States, is a leading healthcare provider with its headquarters in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. It is a collaboration between two renowned organizations, Atrium Health and Wake Forest Baptist Health, both of which have a long history of providing exceptional medical care. The origins of Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist date back to 1837 when the first hospital was established in the region.

Over the years, both organizations have grown and expanded their services, merging in 2017 to form the present-day partnership. This collaboration brought together the clinical strengths and expertise of both organizations, creating a comprehensive healthcare network that serves patients across North Carolina and beyond. Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist offers an extensive range of medical services, including primary care, specialized treatments, surgical procedures, emergency care, and advanced research.

Its network consists of numerous hospitals, clinics, and outpatient centers, ensuring that patients have access to high-quality care close to their homes. On a global scale, Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist primarily focuses on serving the local community, but its reputation and expertise attract patients nationally and internationally. It has established partnerships with various organizations and healthcare providers to enhance its services, including collaborations with academic institutions for research and medical education.

In terms of market position, Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist is a prominent player in the healthcare industry, renowned for its expertise in research and patient care. While specific global sales figures are not readily available, the organization consistently ranks among the top healthcare systems in the United States. Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist has experienced several notable achievements and changes in recent years.

In 2020, it was designated a Comprehensive Stroke Center by The Joint Commission, recognizing its excellence in stroke care. The organization has also expanded its services through various acquisitions and partnerships, ensuring a wider patient reach and providing comprehensive care across different specialties. As of the latest updates, Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist continues to evolve and adapt to the changing healthcare landscape.

It remains committed to providing innovative and compassionate care to its patients while contributing to medical research and education. With its strong reputation and dedication to excellence, the organization is poised to continue its growth and impact in the field of healthcare


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