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Waphoo JSC is a MMO mobile game for children that operates in virtual reality.


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Waphoo is a young and talented brand that specializes in developing next-generation mobile MMO games for kids. Their flagship game, Waphoo: The Game, offers a variety of exciting features and experiences. In this awesome world, there are no boundaries for kids to explore and have fun.

It serves as their first experience of being part of a vibrant community, where they can socialize and make new friends. Moreover, Waphoo offers educational games that allow kids to learn while having fun. From exploring constellations to learning Chinese words, there are countless opportunities for children to expand their knowledge.

With Waphoo, kids can modify their characters to reflect their unique style and taste. They can change outfits, customize colors, try new hairstyles, and make themselves cute little characters. Dressing up and decorating their virtual spaces with various customizations is another exciting aspect of the game.

Waphoo also offers an array of captivating mini-games that players can enjoy while exploring the world. They can play solo or challenge other players in adventurous quests, puzzles, and competitions. The multiplayer feature allows kids to connect and play with friends from all over the world.

They can challenge each other, make new friends, and participate in exciting tournaments. Waphoo ensures a child-proof environment where families can enjoy safe and worry-free experiences. If you are passionate about the gaming industry and want to work with Waphoo, they are currently hiring game developers, game designers, and web developers.

They offer exciting opportunities for talented individuals to contribute to the development and improvement of their games. Contact Waphoo now to join their incredible team or to explore their amazing game. Visit their website or send them an email to get started.

Waphoo is dedicated to creating an immersive and educational gaming experience that engages and entertains young minds


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