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Wayne Pratt is a renowned brand that offers an array of products and services to help individuals achieve personal and professional growth. With nearly 20 years of experience as a speaker and a Certified Life Coach, Wayne is committed to making positive changes in people's lives. As a Jack Canfield Certified Life Coach, Wayne has addressed diverse audiences, including credit unions, school children, small business owners, and mental health care professionals.

His coaching sessions are designed to provide valuable insights and actionable strategies to help individuals navigate life's challenges and turn obstacles into opportunities. Wayne's brand offers a wide range of resources, including a bookstore with his latest book, 31 Days, which provides a month's worth of thoughts, tips, and techniques to enhance personal growth and enjoyment. Additionally, Wayne offers individual and group coaching sessions, as well as free downloadable guides, goal-setting worksheets, and abundance planners.

With a passion for championing causes that improve the lives of the mentally ill, Wayne Pratt is dedicated to leaving a positive impact on everyone he coaches and speaks to. Connect with Wayne today to start your journey towards personal transformation and success


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