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The Weeden Foundation is a leading organization dedicated to the preservation and protection of biodiversity. Founded by Frank Weeden, the foundation aims to address the detrimental impact of increasing human populations and excessive use of natural resources on the planet's biological fabric. Since its inception, the Weeden Foundation has played a crucial role in safeguarding over 6 million acres of vital habitats worldwide.

Notably, the foundation contributed to the first-ever debt-for-nature swap in Bolivia in 1992, a strategy now widely adopted by international conservation organizations. Their program efforts extend to environmentally sensitive regions across the Western United States, Alaska, Russia, Bolivia, Chile, Peru, Columbia, Ecuador, Belize, Namibia, Mexico, and various Caribbean nations. In addition to their conservation initiatives, the Weeden Foundation co-founded the Quick Response Fund for Nature in 2015.

This fund enables local organizations to swiftly purchase and protect the world's most important sites for conservation. In 2019, the foundation received a significant bequest from long-time trustee John (Jack) D. Weeden and his partner David Davies, further strengthening their ability to make a lasting impact.

To learn more about their work or to apply for a grant, visit the Weeden Foundation's website. Join them in their mission to preserve biodiversity and combat environmental challenges


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