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Williamsburg, VA is a historic city that holds a significant place in American history. Founded in 1632, it was the first and leading municipality in Virginia for many years, serving as the political, educational, and social center of the 13 colonies. It succeeded Jamestown as Virginia's Colonial Capital in 1699 and played a vital role in the development of representative government.

Today, the City of Williamsburg is a thriving independent city with a population of around 14,954 residents. Located along the Interstate 64 corridor, it serves as a central hub in Eastern Virginia, which boasts a population of over 2. 5 million.

Over the past three decades, the region has experienced substantial growth, with Williamsburg being one of the fastest-growing areas. Williamsburg is home to two esteemed institutions: William & Mary, the second oldest college in the United States, and the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, the world's largest living history museum. William & Mary is renowned for its academic excellence, beautiful campus, and vibrant community.

The university employs thousands of faculty and staff, enrolls 8,900 students, and contributes significantly to the city's economy. Likewise, the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation is a 301-acre outdoor history museum that meticulously preserves and interprets the nation's founding. Featuring original and reconstructed buildings, the Foundation is not only a prominent tourist attraction but also a major taxpayer and tourism driver for the City.

In terms of geography, Williamsburg sits at an elevation of 6 to 90 feet above sea level and covers 9. 2 square miles. The city boasts ample parks, playgrounds, and open spaces, occupying 39.

5% of its total area. Overall, Williamsburg, VA is a city that beautifully blends its rich history with modern development, offering residents and visitors alike a unique and engaging experience


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