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Yaler is a relay infrastructure for secure access to embedded systems.


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Yaler. net is a trusted brand known for its relay infrastructure that provides secure access to embedded systems. Since 2011, Yaler has offered connectivity as a service, allowing users to access their devices from the web.

Whether your devices are located behind a firewall, NAT, or mobile network router, Yaler ensures hassle-free access through their secure web, SSH, or VNC connections. With Yaler, you can rely on their pay-per-use model and premium support. Setting up Yaler is easy—simply install their Linux daemon or Yaler library, and your product will be accessible from any browser or phone via a stable URL.

Yaler is engineered to be highly reliable and scalable, making it suitable for makers, small businesses, and enterprise customers. Yaler works with any device that provides a TCP socket, allowing you to start with popular platforms like Arduino Yun or Raspberry Pi, or even request a custom binding for your specific device. Accessing your devices remotely is made possible by the Yaler relay, which provides addressability and accessibility even when firewalls, NATs, or mobile routers block access.

Yaler also supports remote SSH access to embedded Linux systems, enabling you to debug, monitor, and update your devices using any terminal or standard tool. Additionally, Yaler allows you to securely access local embedded web servers from anywhere, making it convenient for monitoring, configuration, and remote operation. Integration with third-party web services is also seamless once your device is accessible through Yaler.

Furthermore, Yaler tunnels most TCP-based proprietary and legacy protocols, making it versatile for various applications such as operating machines via VNC, collecting data from local databases, and ensuring plant security. Yaler also facilitates remote access to local gateways, enabling configuration and debugging of other devices at the same location. For user-friendly control, Yaler allows you to build apps that communicate with your product using any standard web library, keeping your hardware lean.

Yaler is widely used in building and home automation, environmental monitoring, tele-medicine, and other industries. Ready to try Yaler? Visit their website or contact them at tamberg@yaler. net.

Yaler GmbH is located in Zurich, Switzerland, and values privacy and security, as stated in their policies. Stay updated by subscribing to their blog or following @yaler on social media


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