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Y-STR Haplotype Reference Database (YHRD) is a searchable worldwide database of Y-STR Haplotypes in various formats along with tools build upon their distribution.


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YHRD is a brand that offers a range of valuable products and services in the field of genetic research and analysis. They provide tools and resources for estimating the frequency of genetic mutations and conducting various types of analysis, including kinship analysis and mixture analysis. Their database contains extensive information on locus, mutation rates, and Y-SNPs, making it a valuable resource for scientists and researchers in this field. Additionally, YHRD offers several projects that contribute to scientific studies.

These projects are either based on data administered by YHRD or rely on the collaboration and contribution of the Y-chromosome typing forensic community. Access to specific sample sets and data is regulated to respect intellectual ownership, and any use of the data is only permitted during the proposed project. Upon completion, the results and outcomes of these projects are published on the YHRD projects page. YHRD encourages collaboration and contribution within the scientific community and suggests sharing the results with others through publications.

For further details or to propose a project, interested parties can contact Sascha Willuweit or Lutz Roewer. YHRD aims to contribute to the advancement of genetic research and analysis through their comprehensive products, services, and collaborative projects.


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