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Yoldia Environmental Consulting AB is an independent environmental consulting firm


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Yoldia Consulting is a reputable brand that specializes in environmental investigations and sampling. Since its establishment in 1992, Yoldia has been involved in a wide range of environmental projects with both technical and scientific approaches. Their expertise extends to various natural water bodies, including drinking water, stormwater, sediment, and soil.

Yoldia offers comprehensive services, from sample collection to evaluation. Their team of professionals boasts over 25 years of experience in conducting environmental studies, particularly in areas such as soil, groundwater, recipient water, drinking water, and sediment. With their extensive academic background in fields like chemistry, ecotoxicology, water ecology, and sedimentology, Yoldia's personnel are highly qualified for the job.

Additionally, they hold certifications in sediment-, water-, and biological sampling. Yoldia Consulting mainly focuses on natural environment-related concerns, addressing both technical and scientific aspects. Their projects can involve fieldwork or solely desk-based tasks.

Their areas of expertise cover environmental monitoring in natural water bodies, land requirements, soil and sediment pollution, hydrodynamics, cost-benefit analyses, remedial measures, dredging, waste disposal, stormwater treatment, drinking water treatment, and the design of waterways and land areas. To ensure compliance with regulations, Yoldia Consulting adheres to relevant laws governing professional work on land, such as the Occupational Safety and Health Act. For water-related tasks, they also comply with the Maritime Act, Ship Safety Act, and Occupational Safety and Health Act.

Furthermore, Yoldia's measurement boat, ORIGO, is registered with the Ship Register and is equipped with approved life-saving devices, including life rafts. The responsible commander holds Ship Officer Class 8 or similar qualifications. With a wide array of cutting-edge equipment, Yoldia Consulting is equipped to handle any environmental investigation.

Their dedication to providing reliable and accurate results sets them apart from the competition. For more information on their services or equipment, feel free to contact them


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