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Voor de meeste mensen heeft werk een centrale plek in hun leven.


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Yvonne Eikens Coaching & Advies is a brand that aims to contribute to sustainable employability and job satisfaction. As an experienced coach and advisor, Yvonne is dedicated to helping individuals make the right study and career choices. The brand offers a range of services including stress and burn-out coaching, career guidance, personal development, outplacement support, and study choice advice. Yvonne understands the challenges faced by individuals in their professional lives and offers personalized support throughout their entire career journey. Whether you need assistance with choosing the right study path, maximizing your potential in the workplace, finding a job that aligns with your interests and strengths, or developing your personal skills, Yvonne is here to help. The brand's approach is holistic, taking into account not only rational factors but also guiding individuals to make choices that resonate with their intuition and passions. Yvonne's goal is to help clients create a fulfilling future where they become the best version of themselves. By working with Yvonne Eikens Coaching & Advies, you can gain clarity, energy, and satisfaction in your work. Whether you are seeking a new career direction, struggling with stress and burn-out, or in need of guidance for personal growth, Yvonne is dedicated to supporting you on your journey to success. Contact Yvonne Eikens Coaching & Advies today to start shaping your future with clarity and purpose.


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