November 15th, 2021

Audacy's Rebrand


Paul Suchman, Chief Marketing Officer at Audacy, talked about changing their brand’s name, the “Audacy Orange”, and rebranding to meet the company’s vision.

Can you introduce us to Audacy?

Audacy is a scaled, multi-platform audio content and entertainment company America’s best radio broadcasting group, a leader in virtually every segment of audio, and the country’s #1 creator of original, premium audio. 

The new Audacy website
The new Audacy website

We engage over 170 million consumers each month, bringing people together around the news, sports, podcasts and music that matter to them.

What prompted your major rebrand to Audacy? How did that conversation start?
Can you walk us through the process of your rebranding? What were the challenges you encountered?
Can you tell us more about the name? How did you land on the new name ‘Audacy’?
Aside from the name, what other elements of the brand’s visual identity changed?
We’d love to hear the story behind your new logo. What does it mean or represent?
Is there anything you wished you knew before embarking on a major rebranding?
What’s next for Audacy?