November 22nd, 2021

Centili’s Rebranding


Dina Janevski Farčić, Chief Marketing Officer at Centili, talked about their clever new logo, their rich illustration portfolio, and the importance of making employees feel proud.

Can you introduce us to Centili and the story behind its initial branding?

Centili is a global digital monetisation company, and we've just celebrated our 10th anniversary.

Centili homepage
Centili homepage

The initial branding was created when the company was founded – the name and logo were derived from a centillion and the concept of a "cent", as the 1c coin symbolises our payment business.   

What prompted your rebrand? How did that conversation start?
Can you tell us more about the process? How did you decide which elements to change and keep?
Can you tell us more about the conception of the new logo?
What about your new visual identity and color palette? Is there a story behind them?
Can you tell us more about your new iconography and illustrations?
Do you have any advice for designers who will one day be part of a rebranding project?
What's next for Centili?