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Don't Nod's rebrand goes for an adaptable new visual identity

DON'T NOD old logo
DON'T NOD new logo

Video game company, Don't Nod, celebrates its 14th anniversary with a rebrand that reflects different game genres.

"With this logo, we wanted to reintroduce the apostrophe and the space between the two words to truly embrace the meaning of DON’T NOD. DON’T NOD is two words to represent our tendency to be non-conventional as a company and in the games we create – as in, we DON’T NOD along to everyone else’s tune." according to a post on their website. "The D is shattered, and the N appears within it, signifying that we’re not afraid to break the mold. This new logo links our games – meaningful, powerful stories – with who we are as a company."

Formerly Don’t Nod Entertainment, Don’t Need is a French video game development and publishing company based in Paris and Montreal. Founded by Alain Damasio, Hervé Bonin, Oskar Guilbert, Aleksi Briclot, and Jean-Maxime Moris in 2008, the company started developing their debut game, Remember Me, in 2008 alongside Epic Games’ engineering team using Unreal Engine 3.

Don’t Nod’s hit title, Life Is Strange (previously titled “What If?”), started development around 2013 and was the company’s second release. The game was released around 2015 for all consoles including PC and became a critical and a commercial hit. Life Is Strange sold over 3 million copies by 2017 and has gained over 75 Game Of The Year Awards.

Life Is Strange’s success pushed Don’t Nod to fame, signing publishing contracts with Focus Home Interactive, and BANDAI NAMCO to create Vampyr and Twin Mirror respectively. By 2019 the company has had a €13.95 million increase in revenue.

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